is a youth-led organization that stands for integration and equity in New York City schools.


NYC currently serves 1.1 million students in some of the most separate and unequal schools in the country.

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What We Do

We, the students, are the best experts on the impacts of this segregation and inequality. At IntegrateNYC, we are also designers of solutions, advocates for transformative policy, and visionaries for a more just future.

We have learned from the past, and we do not want to stop at desegregation. True, meaningful integration requires a transformation in our school system that centers students and communities of color. We have developed and are advocating for 5Rs of Real Integration to create lasting, revolutionary change in our school system.

We also stand for Real Representation of young people in decision making at local, city, state, and federal levels.

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Real integration


Racial integration

Who is in your school?

Resource Allocation

What's in your school?


Relationships across group identity

How do people in your school relate to one another and their differences? How do students and teachers learn to build across difference?


Restorative justice

Who is punished in your school and how?

Teacher Representation 

Who teaches and leads in your school?


Our Program

We believe in the power of young people to lead today and shape the future. We have several elements to our program that are intended to support students in developing their personal, professional, and civic leadership skills. 


Leadership Council

The student leaders of IntegrateNYC sit on the Leadership Council. These young people guide the strategy and action of our work. Each student has demonstrated passion for justice, a commitment to personal growth, and willingness to take responsibility for the transformation of our school system.

NYC Youth Council 

Our city wide Youth Council is made up of student Allies and Delegates from across NYC's districts. Led by student Committee Leads, young people meet monthly to learn about the issues, share their experiences, build projects, take action, and advocate for solutions together. 


A budding national network, IntegrateUS was founded by IntegrateNYC as students from across the country indicated interest in taking action in their schools and local communities. We are currently building out the network to include student leaders and adult allies ready to build a national movement.



We see our work as part of a global movement striving for racial equity and human dignity. Specifically, we align our advocacy with the platforms and goals of the Movement for Black Lives and United Nations: