Los Angeles Daily News: 'Teach Us All' by Sonia Lowman Comes to Netflix with Ava DuVernay's help

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"Teach Us All," a documentary by Sonia Lowman, premiered on Netflix in September. The Los Angeles Daily News covered the story. The film chronicles efforts to integrate schools in the United States over the past 60 years, starting with the famous Little Rock Nine. In doing so, Lowman critiques the strategies policymakers have employed to bring about integration, and points out the harm some diversity efforts have on students of color who are thrust into majority white schools.

In the LADN article, Lowman offers her own perspective on the project:

“The movie’s most basic, main point is the continuity with the Little Rock crisis. Sixty years later, we haven’t come far enough, our schools are resegregating and it’s still, in my opinion, the most urgent civil rights issue we’re facing. The system we have is essentially disenfranchising millions of students, and setting them up for lifetimes of being marginalized, economically and socially.”

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