nycASID Real Talk 2018: School Integration in New York City

nycASId Real Talk 2018 was held in Brooklyn and included parent testimonials and a panel discussion on school integration in New York City.

MC: Faraji Hanna- Jones

Welcome: Ayanna Behin & NeQuan C. McLean

Parent Testimonials: Tiara Puglisi (PS 307), Lurie Daniel Favors, Esq. (Brighter Choice Community School & Medgar Evers College Prep), Rev. Adriene Thorne (PS 8)

Panel Discussion: Iman Abdul (INYC), Nikole Hannah-Jones, Leanne Nunes (INYC), Sam Rosaldo (Moderator)

Remarks: Brad Lander

Closing: Sadye L. Compoamor

Urban Omnibus: Our Fair City

In his second term, Mayor Bill de Blasio has emphasized “fairness” in policies ranging from law enforcement to school desegregation to public health. IntegrateNYC is working as collaborators for the Where We Live fair housing task force to help foster housing equity and school equity. Read more here.

Manhattan Times: Clase de cultura

As student advocate for IntegrateNYC, Iman Abdul shares how the 2016 election not only impacted her, but her education environment and why she chose to join IntegrateNYC to advocate for equity and greater representation in schools. Read more here.

The Donors' Education Collaborative Gives $740,000 to Support School Improvement: IntegrateNYC and NY Appleseed Will Benefit
download (3).png

It was announced yesterday that the Donors' Education Collaborative in the New York Community Trust is donating a total $740,000 to various organizations that advocate for change within the New York City school system. Both IntegrateNYC and NY Appleseed were named as organizations that will receive funding from this donation. The article mentions the work of both organizations in building a student movement for school integration.

Read the full press release HERE